PHASE 1: THE MEETING In the first phase, a meeting takes place between the client and the tailor. During this meeting, the customer's measurements are taken and his or her posture, anatomical proportions, and individual characteristics are carefully observed. This information is recorded in a digital file to facilitate any future TAILORED SUITS orders.

STEP 2: THE CHOICE OF DETAILS The next step concerns the choice of fabrics. Wool is the main fabric used for TAILORED SUITS, with variations according to the seasons. There are several options available, such as tasmania wool suitable for all seasons, flannels for winter, kid mohair for summer, and cashmere for the most prestigious garments. In addition to fabrics, customers can choose other details such as linings, inner linings, undercollar, and buttons made from fine materials such as corozo, mother-of-pearl, and horn.

PHASE 3: MAN'S DRESS PROCESSING In the third phase, experienced Neapolitan artisans work on the custom-made suit according to the customer's directions and requirements. These artisans use their skills and expertise to make the suit with precision and attention to detail.

STEP 4: THE DELIVERY OF THE TAILORED DRESS Before delivery, a thorough check is made to make sure everything is perfect. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and seeing our customers happy while wearing our suits is the most rewarding part of tailoring.

Regarding the timing of delivery, it is advisable to plan the making of the dress a few months before you have to wear it. This allows time to take measurements, do any fittings, and ensure the quality of the tailor's work. However, if you need a custom-made formal dress on short notice, some tailors may be able to fulfill this request more quickly (about three working weeks) while still maintaining the high quality of workmanship.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. If you have any other questions, I will be glad to help you further.