Cesare Sarti Sartoria Italiana is one of Italy's most prestigious tailors, creating men's tailored suits for over 30 years.

Our passion for Italian tailoring art has led us to work with the best fabrics from the best Italian spinning mills. Each fabric is carefully selected to guarantee our customers a unique and high quality shopping experience.

We work with the best Italian artisans who are able to create tailor-made suits, perfect in every detail, thank’s to their skill and experience. Each suit is handmade, ensuring maximum precision and care for every single stitch.

Our philosophy is to create tailored suits that reflects and respects the personality, lifestyle and requirements of our clients. Each suit is created with special attention to details and fit to ensure maximum comfort and elegance.

We are not only limited to made-to-measure suits, but also offer a wide selection of casual and formal wear, accessories and high-quality shoes, selected from the best Italian brands.

We are committed to providing a personalized and high-quality shopping experience for our customers, from fabric selection to the last fitting. We are always available to listen to our customers' needs and advise them on the best solution for every occasion.

We specialize in the production of haute couture garments. Each garment is made from exclusive, 100% Italian-made fabrics. Our raw materials range from Tasmanian wools to Cashmere silk, sartorially crafted and hand-sewn by Italian tailors.

We have a presence in Lugano, Zurich, Milan and Malta. Cesare Sarti's true strength lies in its professionalism and, above all, in its desire to offer a unique and personalized product, for the man who deserves the highest quality and unmistakable style.